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Holistic Treatments
and Meditations


Online guided meditation with distance Reiki


I will guide you while you will be in the safety and comfort of your home, we can work on a specific task, and you will also receive a distant Reiki treatment while in profound relaxation.
Bundle of 10 sessions of 1 hour each.

Meditation with Energetic Rebalancing Instruments


Meditation session with the use of ReiShenKi® Alchemists rebalancing instruments: they promote and facilitate the achievement of a state of deep relaxation. Sessions can be organized to be shared by up to 2 participants.

Packages can be done for training to learn the use of these instruments on your own. They can integrate into any meditation or relaxation technique.

Statua di Buddha

Meditation with  mandala for Mother Earth and Nature


Meditative encounter to nurture connection and gratitude with Nature, and  Planet Earth. With some breathing exercises, reconnection and inner centering being done moving towards a meditative state.

It is a guided meditation, with a mandala

of crystals and natural elements.

Meditation with crystals, essences

and energetic instruments


Meditation moment with the use of Crystals, Energy Essences, and Elisir Sovrani® Energetic Instruments, structured to promote periodic meetings where you can get in touch with the energies of the 7 main Chakras, a variant involves meeting a series of Essences particularly suitable for seasonal and annual events cycles.

Do you want to organize an event
or a special moment with a few close friends?
Contact me, and we will create a moment of introspection,
relaxation, and inner evolution. 
Any of my meditations can always be made for groups and individuals.
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Energetic  Rebalancing  Treatments

Re-Evolution Treatment

Promotes the feeling of 'inner re-alignment, creates harmony between Mind and Heart, gives mental clarity and emotional balance.  Particularly suitable for professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers subjected to a high level of stress and/or professionals who work in the helping relationship, wellness operators, coaches, and counselors.


Motherhood Care treatment

This treatment it's created specifically for motherhood, the kind of Crystals use are specifically selected, a blend of essential oils will be used only diffused in the ambient. Everything is an energetic cuddle for mothers, all kind of and in any moment of their becoming.


Integrated Holistic Treatment

It is a personalized treatment that develops according to the needs that emerge in the specific moment of the person's life. The energy rebalancing takes place through the interaction of Reiki, crystals, energetic instruments, and essences. The result is a state of profound regeneration, inner calm, and clarity.


Mama-Daki® treatment

This is an energetic rebalancing treatment that gives a state of deep relaxation and inner connection. It interacts simultaneously in toning and energetic drainage on several levels: on the Chakras and the subtle Etheric Bodies, it can be supplemented with crystals.


Holistic Massage with Essential Oils,

Energetic Essences and Instruments

Holistic Massage with the use of essential oils chosen and combined specifically to generate a progressive relaxation. The integration of energetic essences and the use of vibrational instruments uplift the experience to a whole body and soul harmonious encounter.


Integrated Reiki Treatment

Reiki Treatment (2nd Level Usui Shiki Ryoho) is here integrated with the use of energetic instruments and essences such as Bach Flowers and other energy and vibrational essences.
This helps to bring even greater benefit to a Reiki session, enhancing the auric and emotional balance.


If you've got a space and you want to deliver these unique
and innovative treatments, we can collaborate to
offer your clients a very special day of harmony and care.

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