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 I help to transform simple gestures into moments
of daily rituals 
for your well-being.

Let me tell you my holistic path ...

I was so lucky to have always lived in close contact with Nature, the seasonal cycle of birth, death, and reborn.

I have always been driven to alternative medicine, the evolution of the inner self, the Celtic shamanism as a way to be in balance with the energy of mother nature.

When I decided to start practiced and deepen my passion for holistic disciplines and inner evolution, I have encountered a path of Shamanism that reconnected me to the female creative power and expanded my knowledge of seasonal and lunar rhythms and balances.


Later I completed a path to be a Holistic Therapist with an Energetic Vibrational address, that everything is energy even Einstein told us, but I do not start to split atoms!
I prefer to use Reiki, Crystals, Energy Essences, Various Meditation, Essential Oils...

When I experienced situations of strong emotional stress, I found great support from the holistic treatments that I first experienced about 20 years ago, crystals and flower essences, meditation, and introspection.

Trying to understand things better from different points of view, turning the picture, until a point of balance is found.


Embrace yourself as a human being.

My goal with Wellbeing Attitude is to spread a simple and "down to earth" holistic well-being, through energy rebalancing treatments and creating small gestures with the person from time to time that can become wellness rituals that everyone can draw on. We can say a holistic version of "Grandma's Remedies"!

I love joy and laughs:
you can elevate your energy
just chilling and dancing.

I've got a profound respect
when a person relies on me,
it's a sacred moment for the soul.


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